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Candy Corsages

We specialize in Candy, Money & Silk Floral Corsages, Favors & Bouquets. Each of our Corsages are Individually Hand-made with Detail and Lots of Care.

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About Us
Candy corsages developed from the love of candy. With already having the knowledge of designing silk flower corsages and bouquets which we also design; we decided to add a new look that's not only beautiful but one that reflects a tasty delight. When the corsage or bouquet has served it's time, the candy in it can still be enjoyed. Later we created and designed our money corsages and bouquets made with real dollar bills accented with ribbons which gives it a rich elegance, and if and when you decide to take it apart, you can still spend it. We have other candies as well, such as our purple dark chocolate baby corsage, our jolly rancher bubblegum shown in this aqua and pink corsage or our tiger print black and teal chocolate. Working with candy is what we do best!
Our mission here at Candy Corsages is to provide the best quality in materials and workmanship; something unique we know our customers will be please to have and treasure for many years. We take time and effort to produce a variety of corsages and bouquets that display style, color and beauty.
We started out years ago having been trained through the generations of many successful florists in the family. We are convinced and dedicated to producing the finest quality of arranged silk flowers, candy and money corsages and bouquets with a professional look.
Some uses for our corsages and bouquets are as follows:
To dress up an 'outfit', it's sure to get attention. A 'Going away' gift, or 'Welcoming' gift'. Having a 'Bridal' or 'Baby' shower? How about a 'Thank you' gift, 'I Love You' gift or 'Anniversary' gift'? Is there someone 'Graduating' or 'Family Reunion' coming up? What about a 'Job well done' gift or even a 'Door prize'. Attending a convention, 'Keynote speaker' or an 'Awards event'? Add a corsage to your 'House Warming' basket or just 'Brighten' someone's day! Featured here is our classy yellow chocolate corsage along with our Life Saver corsage followed by our purple bubblegum corsage. We at Candy corsages hope that you will give us a try for your next order!

Company history
Our inspiration originates from growing up in the Hawaiian Islands surrounded by beauty and color which are reflected in our products.We pride ourselves in designing a product that is not only beautiful, but classy and well designed. We are located in North Carolina and love the people around us. We work to make our business grow and at the same time widen out to make new friends along with way.
Customer testimonials
Our customers are well pleased and in awe at seeing their finished product. We have received many 'Thank You' cards, emails and photos of satisfied customers over the years filled with appreciation and wonderful comments of how happy and satisfied they are. We also receive comments on how well we manufactured our product; how beautiful it is, and especially how it made their event very personal and special!