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Candy Corsages

We specialize in Candy, Money & Silk Floral Corsages, Favors & Bouquets. Each of our Corsages are Individually Hand-made with Detail and Lots of Care.

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We at Candy Corsages design Classy Corsages and work hard to ensure each of our Corsages are exactly what our Clients are looking for. We specialize in Candy, Money & Silk Floral Corsages & Bouquets. Each of our Corsages are Individually Hand-made with Great Attention to Detail and Lots of care.
Such as this pink (above) "Baby Corsage"with chocolate in it.
Scheduling an event? Well, contact us to discuss your options. We are always Happy to work with you to find something Exciting for your event! Allow us to make YOU feel special as well by Creating a Unique Custom Corsage for you or someone special to wear.
Our Corsages are an Awesome token of Appreciation at any Event! Let us help you ensure your next event will always be a Memorable one!
 Looking for something different?
Here at is a Brief Overview
of some of the Many Unique Corsages & Bouquets we have created.
Our small "Children's Corsages" (above) are $24.00
Our medium size candy corsages are $34.00
Our large candy corsages are $39.00
Extra large candy corsages are $44.00
Money corsage $45.00 
Below we have our large orange tootsie roll, chocolate bubblegum or a special wedding money corsage. 
 We offer a variety of adjustments on anything!
(i.e. color, size, style).
If you don't see what you're looking for, please ask.
There are so many projects in the works that it is not always possible to post or explain them all on our website.
We are always honest and will do our best to provide you with just the right, unique and different gift you are looking for.
Below we have our 50's Sugar cube wrist corsages in pink and blue that many young and young at heart can enjoy wearing on their special day! 
Our custom corsages also include a variety of candy and personal requests by our customers are also welcome, such as this green one designed with peppermint pattie.
We at Candy Corsages have been creating Corsages for more than 25+ years.
Our corsages are great for any Event. Such as  Weddings, Graduations, Reunions, Office & Holiday Parties or gifts. Available in virtually any color and crafted well to provide years of joyful memories. Below we have our a pink bubble gum tootsie roll corsage along with our baby corsage; a delight to all our new mom's. And on the end is our vanilla soft blue tootsie roll corsage, a change from our traditional brown tootsie rolls.

Candy Corsages are Extremely popular for Proms, Social events, Organization and Religious Functions and just an any time gift. Pick your colors and let us take care of the rest. Large orders are always welcomed! 
Small children's corsages are $24.00
Medium size candy corsages are $34.00
Large candy corsages are $39.00
Ex-large candy corsages are $44.00
Money corsages start at $45.00

The Success of our Business is due in part to the Wonderful Clientele we have the pleasure of assisting, and also the Commitment and Attention to Details we put in to Designing each one of our Handmade Corsages and Bouquets! 
Candy Corsages
Designed by: Cookie Stout
Address: Hope Mills, NC 28348
E-mail address:
Facebook: Candy Corsages 
Please contact us anytime to make arrangements. We are usually working on multiple orders at a time but will work with you on a time frame for your event needs.
Candy Corsages and Bouquets are a Sweet and Simple way to show someone you care. Present your Candy to someone special "Outside of the Box."

Make it more than just a Gift and allow us the opportunity to help you to make a presentation!
So the next time you're looking for something Unique and Classy please give us a try!